Thursday, December 9, 2010

Letter V

This week has been a terrible week - school wise. I'm pretty sure that I need to keep my butt in gear and on a schedule if we are going to get this done. With that being said, we got on schedule today, and this week isn't at all lost!

We worked on the Letter V. Turbo quickly noticed that if he were to put 2 letter V's together, then he could write the Letter W. I told him that we would work on that letter tomorrow.

His handwriting is coming along. His size of letters are correctly sporadic at best, but he seems to not fight at all on working on them. Once the holidays are over and now that therapy is finished, we can dedicate more of our time together on correctly writing the letters and making them all the same size succinctly.

His Letter V is acceptable. At least he isn't curving at the bottom like the Letter U. We made some veggies for the Letter V: a carrot and some celery with cheese on it because his Grandpa likes to eat celery that way. Now if only I can convince HIM to eat these veggies. Carrots have become tolerant, but celery will be a new sensation, and I pray that his first time encountering it will be a good one! Grandpa, if you're listening...that means you're involved! LOL!

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