Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's like Christmas in...err..MAY!

I finally made a decision about the curriculum we will use next year for Turbo and Tank. Although Tank will not quite be 2 yet, I wanted to start implementing "school" time, or TOT School, which is just a concentrated time with him on 1-2 activities.

With Turbo; however, I needed to go back to square one. As the months went on and I continued to bump him up to the next level, I found that he was getting frustrated with the work, because we didn't spend the needed time focusing and building his foundation on the previous grade level.

After speaking with many others, including my sister-in-law, I decided to keep him on the Kindergarten level until I was completely confident of his mastery of the skills needed for 1st Grade work.

I decided to go with My Father's World It includes Reading, Math, Science, Bible, Creative Thinking, Character Development, Children's Literature and Art. Everything I need is sent to me. I decided to not get the package that included books. I figured I could supplement those with library books. If I find that it is inconvenient, I will purchase that package at a later date.

We have grown caterpillars into butterflies before and we get to do it again! We are, right now, growing tadpoles into frogs (ick!) and now we get to have an ant farm! Joyous sounds erupt from my body as I think about have bugs and insects and a freak of nature crustacean in my home! (For those of you familiar with our hermit crab, Spidey, who is living beyond his "guaranteed" months without much care or nurture.)

For Tank, I purchased the Toddler package which introduces numbers 1 to 5, activities that help to develop concentration and attention span, sorting by color and shape, and to help develop fine motor and visual discrimination skills. (obviously taken from the catalog description!)

Apparently, Tank thinks that these school toys are just for sitting on as he is completely unaware that his freedom will be lost inside of 4 months!

While we won't start this until August and Turbo will probably be done with it by January or so, and Tank bored of the toys by oh...OCTOBER! LOL! I think this will be a great way to introduced all the subjects I want for the boys but in a Biblical-sound way.

During the summer, I will be using Five In A Row (Turbo) and Before Five In A Row (for Tank), with some unit studies such as space and marine life animals. We will begin space next week as I have some fun ideas to make this summer a blast!

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  1. Wow, I want to have a go! It all looks very exciting and fun, I wish school was at least vaguely like this for me when It was my time at school. And with all the fun packed Carrie made activities - lucky, lucky little guys.