Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You Can Read!

In struggling with Turbo and school, I resorted to the age-old idea. Find someone who can help!

I asked many, many, many friends/family for their thoughts, suggestions, ideas, ANYTHING! So many good ideas came out of those conversations and brainstorming ideas, that I realized that Homeschooling is not just the mom and dad schooling the kiddos, but EVERYONE in our lives will have some input in some way.

I went back to my most favorite blog/website of a homeschooling mom who was a Kindergarten teacher in her "prior" life, who now schools her 3 kiddos at home. Her two youngest are pretty much the same ages as Turbo and Tank. You can visit her site HERE.

She offers so many great things and has branched off into so many different directions that she has pretty much anything and everything you need. And it is ALL FOR FREE! There are a few sections where she asks for payment, but it is only like $5 or $10. Which is practically nothing.

But I visited her newly written curriculum called, YOU CAN READ. It is a beginning reader curriculum that offers hands on activities for my Turbo to do while introducing 4 new Site Words for each unit. We have been working on this for the past week and have put off our other stuff to get Turbo excited about school again. It has WORKED!

The greatest thing about this is that I found these letter rods that Turbo can build while practicing these words! For $3 at a garage sale last weekend!!

We still do the FIAR off and on and once I get all my books checked out from the library on space, we will begin that as well.

I have decided to continue school through the summer but on more of a low-key basis, as, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, Turbo functions better on a schedule anyway.

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