Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Activities

This spring we have done a lot of things to celebrate spring and the rebirth of life.

We bought this kit at the local hardware store. It comes complete with a dehydrated dirt pellet and grass seed. Add water and you're read to go. They are super cute with their grass hair, but each time I want to snap a picture of them, for some reason, hair cuts have been given. EACH TIME!!

I saw this in a Parent/Kids magazine and thought it would be super fun to do. After planting ivy you use floral wire to make a letter (i.e. initials of the kids). As the ivy grows, you are to train it to wrap around the letter so it looks like a well-sculpted initial. What I did not expect was how LONG it takes for ivy to grow. So this picture was taken in like March. Here it is May, and there really is NOT a difference in the growth. Guess we'll check back on the progress of this NEXT year.

This is probably my least favorite of spring time activities. Last year, Turbo and I raised butterflies. I can handle butterflies. This year, while looking to order the caterpillars again, Turbo was with me and he saw frogs. UGH. After a tremendous amount of begging and pleading, and that was on my part, we bought the tadpoles. It will take these "things" to grow into adult frogs 12-16 weeks. We have to change their water 2-3 times a week. I'm tellin' ya...nasty lil' suckers. But Turbo loves them. They are called Hopper and Skipper. Tank just signs fish all day long.

Finally, during Easter, we cracked open an egg and examined what is inside of an egg and all of it's parts. Turbo was pretty confused on how a chick is "cooked" inside of the egg, but on child-like faith he took my word for it. Although, he is pretty set on getting a chick for a pet. Yeah, right...I'll run right out there and get one, along side your freak of nature hermit crab that still lives over a year when I was guaranteed only 6 months, and the nasty tadpoles...yeah, I'll get right on that.

We have done plenty more examinations of spring, but I can't find the pictures and those tadpoles are freakin' me out right now as they splash in the water...ugh...

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