Monday, September 13, 2010


This week is pretty much the last week of normacy as we begin our adventure in Occupational Therapy. Oi.

Yet, we continued with the letter E, as we didn't get to finish it last week. Turbo wanted nothing to do with school this morning, and quite frankly, with Tank getting up at 4:45 and Turbo getting up at 5:45...I wanted nothing to do with school either. However!...we pushed on...much to Turbo's dismay.

We started out with calendar time. Ugh! I must think of something else for this time, because pulling teeth is easier than this with Turbo.

We did our Memory Verse: "The Word of the Lord ENDURES forever." 1 Peter 1:25. Sang our song. Did the days of the week, month, etc. Seriously needs some work on circle time.... ugh!

For our FIAR (Five In A Row), we read, How To Make An Apple Pie and See the World, as we talked about the different lands that the little girl visited while looking at the map and the globe. He is very interested in that, we will have to do more with this book.

He needed to move next...surprise, surprise! So we worked on a floor puzzle.

Turbo has really been frustrated with writing. He does pretty well, but he presses and pushes so hard on the pencil/crayon when he writes, that he becomes fatigued and frustrated. So today, I decided to do glue letters. I think I picked this up from Handwriting without Tears, which I think I may need to consider picking up if we are going to struggle this much.

Anyways, here he is working on some letters and numbers.

Of course, he was tired at the end because he squeezed too hard! I must put this down for our goals for OT! ;)

Next up, sorting our colors. This seemed to get his attention and he really got into it.

By this time, he had been in Time Out 2 times, and had been distracted by a stupid green ball about 1,000 times. RING, RING! School DISMISSED!

I'm outta here...time for a nap.

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