Tuesday, September 21, 2010

OT: Day 1/30

Occupational Therapy started today for Turbo. Already we've had some meltdowns because the therapy is taxing on him. But with time, it will get better!

Today they worked on sequencing and having a plan to help him with his impulsivity. Ms. Renee brought out a book of pictures. These pictures were of activities that Turbo can do at the center. He was to choose 4 pictures and place them on the cover of her book using the velcro. This was his plan. He then had a picture of a spiderman that was to use his "web" to go from activity to activity. Once he completed an activity, he was to move his spiderman to the next "web". This was to help him to formulate a plan and stick to it. As well as seeing his plan through to completion.

Ms. Renee used a quiet voice and moved slowly as well as spoke slowly so that his arousal level wasn't engaged so much. Definitely something that I need to work on. I'm much like Turbo in that I am always on the GO...and definitely not quiet at all!

She recommended the use of TheraBands in the car or just to have in my purse so that when he feels the need to "run" into things or just needs a big hug (you know, instead of squishing Tank) to use the bands. So that is definitely something I am going to try!

I am thinking on how I can implement a "plan" so to speak for our day. We use it a bit in school, but I think we need to use it more or better. I think that by having a visual plan for him to see during the day will help him with his implusivity as well as my sanity! So that is something I'm going to have to chew on to incorporate into our routine/day.

On a lighter note...TANK is taking steps! Right now he is up to about 4. Then he realizes that he is walking and hits the ground quick! Too cute! He is standing by himself for a good amount of time. Then he looks down and realizes where he is at!

Our next OT is on Thursday this week. Hopefully by then I can have some sort of a plan! ;)

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