Monday, September 27, 2010

OT: Day 4/30

This morning, Turbo continued to work more on self-regulating. To begin with, he used the "helicoptor swing" as well as using his music. We also used bean bags with letters on them to give him the cognitive piece so that his vestibular stimulation and his proprioceptive stimulation would be used together.

As in the picture, he spins much like a helicoptor which stimulates his vestibular sense (balance, etc). This is a very calming activity to Turbo, which helps him to go to his TOO SLOW meter reading. However, the self-regulating piece is missing because he needs to proprioceptive piece to bring him back up to his TOO FAST meter reading.

This is where Ms. Renee gave him a rope that he had to pull himself up to her to grab a beanbag. This action gave him the pressure and the force that he needed to heighten his sense of proprioception. Once he climbed the rope to Ms. Renee, he was given the beanbag with a letter on it. He was to put it in order and then helped to sound out the word: CAT, RAT, BAT, SAT. Once he sounded out the word, he was given permission to continue spinning - again - vestibular sensation.

This cycle was continued four time: TOO SLOW, TOO FAST, TOO SLOW, TOO FAST, etc. Unfortunately, this is what Turbo does ALL DAY long, and he never gets the chance to find JUST RIGHT mode. Now, you can see my frustration of this day after day after day.

We added the third compenent to this: cognitive. The part where he had to think through all of this to sound out letters, put them in the right order (L to R) and think of their sounds, all while going TOO FAST, TOO SLOW. He did okay. He really enjoyed the vestibular motion the most.

Next, we moved him to the swing with the weighted animal and swung him slowly while he breathed 20 deep breaths to help him regulate his engine reader meter to JUST RIGHT. He did it in 5 minutes. YEAH! Progress!

We moved on to an activity that will help him stay regulated at the JUST RIGHT mode. He was asked to cut out pictures of different activities that simulate TOO SLOW, JUST RIGHT, or TOO FAST. That way, we can make our own Engine Meter Reader...(on my TO DO LIST).

Before his OT today, he was given the opportunity to participate in a LAB study to help the SPD Foundation further the research in this disorder. He did an awesome job and sat in a "spaceship" simulation while watching a short clip of Apollo 13 while they measured his heart rate, sweat response, etc. He even let them apply those sticky sensor things to his chest, fingers, etc. For that, they paid him with a $10 gift card to Target. His dream place.

Today was hard, better than the last, and progress is being seen. Tomorrow is another day!

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