Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ii for Inchworm & The Single Blue Man from the Blue Man Group!

School has been sporadic at best around here, so for the 2nd week in a row, we have been working on the letter Ii. We did our memory verse, but I think Turbo just blew it off, as he can sing the song, but doesn't want to talk about the meaning of it.
"May my prayer be set before you like incense." Psalm 142:2. Ehhh...another day.

He did, however, enjoy making the craft for Inchworm:

He was super proud of this one!

Using a paper towel roll, he painted it green. Then we cut it into rings, leaving one ring intact for the head and cutting the other rings into two parts. Using a stapler, we stapled the pieces together, added a pipe cleaner (chenille stick) for antennae, and used a marker for the face.

Although Turbo has an "i" in his name, he still refuses to lift his pencil to make the "dot". He instead makes a circle that is connected to the line. Referring back to the Handwriting Without Tears concept (which incidentally, I need to purchase some of these supplies, or become uber thrifty and make them myself...which only means I need to just swallow the money and buy an ink cartridge for my printer...but moving on....)and made oobleck (2 parts cornstarch to 1 part water + food coloring) poured it into a bag to have a "dry erase board" type-thingy. BACKFIRE! Didn't work...too thick. DUH!! But of course, Turbo HAD TO play in the oobleck. Later, I said, as long as we work on our letters.

Next thought, pour in some tempera paint into a gallon-size bag. VOILA! It worked!

He enjoyed making designs and worked on writing the Capitalized (and yes, I know that the pictures are of lower case letters, but I promise you, we did work on capital letters) alphabet with me. Unfortunately, we got to "F" and he lost interest sitting at the table. So I moved it to the kitchen floor and while we laid on our bellies taking turns writing letters, I noticed he was having fun...but I noticed that I should insert sweeping, mopping, disinfecting, and using my toothbrush to scour the floor onto my list for the day...but I digress.

He did pretty good. He did even better when he climbed all over me. But we got through some letters, numbers and shapes. Enough for today. I think I knew this day was going to be a slow day since this is our only day this week that we don't HAVE to be somewhere. We will just go to the library after this to pick up our books for the week.

Then he played with the oobleck. OI VEY! This is messy, but kept his attention for just over an hour. He enjoyed covering his hands and of course his cars with the stuff...not to mention my "nice clean floor!" Afterwards, we realized the error of our ways...ONE TOO MANY DROPS OF FOOD COLORING IN THE MIX. The Blue Man Group? Who needs to go to Vegas to see them when we've got one of our own right here!

***I'd take a picture of the blue hands and forearms, but he's asleep and I didn't think of taking a picture of it when he was awake. I contemplated sneaking in, turning off the flash, and snapping a picture really quick...but then I thought better of it and "published" this post and took a shower. See, I'm not all beauty... I've got brains too! ;)

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