Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I for iguana and inchworm

This morning we moved on from the letter Ee to the letter Ii.

I gave him a picture of an inchworm that I laminated and punched holes around the perimeter and asked him to "sew". He enjoyed that, but I found that he had to do it "perfect" and got frustrated with himself. Hmmm...wonder where he gets that from...

Then we moved on to dobbing letters. I used a Bingo dobber and asked him to dob or dot the letters I and i. He decided to color instead with it. Hmmm. Follow on the list.

To work on cutting paper, I asked him to cut out an inchworm and some leaves to paste onto a piece of paper. Then we made an inguana out of the letter I. Still kind of creepy, but he liked it.

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