Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can We Dig It? YES WE CAN!

Recently, Turbo has been way too into dinosaurs...like way too into dinosaurs! Which is great because there isn't "nothin'" you can't find out there relating to dinosaurs! I only wish that it was warmer and Tank was older, we would go and hike Dinosaur Ridge and look at the Stegosaurus - alas - another day. We rented a DVD from the library and I thought it was all about the Arctic Dinosaurs, which it was, but it wasn't in a kid-friendly format. It was a documentary, although very interesting. The most interesting part was that Turbo watched the entire DVD - 56:58 - CRAZY! Plus he talked about it all the next day! It went over how there are some dinosaur bones that was found in Alaska, etc. and the North Pole. It went over how the climates have changed, yada. But what really interested Turbo was the paleontologist part. He was intrigued by the tools of the trade and the fact they digging was so exciting to the scientists because they could unearth treasures! After our trip to the local craft store, we bought Plaster of Paris and mixed it up...good mixing lesson by the way...and began to bury our plastic dinosaurs in the plaster and then we let it set up. Boy was it a ton of fun unearthing them! The bath tub was definitely the place to be on this one. Using our own tools: a small hammer, and a small screwdriver, we dug up the dinosaurs and then used a large paint brush to clean them off while Turbo took a bath. CAUSE HE NEEDED IT! Check out the pictures and video below!

Then we decided to build dinosaurs out of the blocks that Nana and Papa gave us for Christmas/Valentines! These blocks are absolutely awesome! In Turbo's words: A-MAZING! And I have to agree! He made a T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Diplodicus, and a sea creature! Not to bad on the imagination part! He is totally into this book about dinosaurs being in your back yard. I'm pretty sure if I were to give him a shovel, he might very well dig up a dinosaur bone. I might just have to do that tomorrow!


  1. I have lots of dino stuff, if you want to borrow it...including some fossils - and did I tell you about measuring dinos - that is WAY fun!!!

  2. Yeah! You did tell me about measuring! We will have to do that! The fossils would be way cool!