Monday, March 15, 2010

Look What Water Can DO!

So today so did not turn out the way I planned it...WAIT! I didn't plan for today. This weekend got away from me and there just wasn't enough time to plan for the week. So, we just winged it!

Turbo is to get a weekly "commission" (aka: allowance). He has been saving up for a HotWheels car that changes color when it gets wet. Albeit that it is only 3 dollars, he had to save up for 3 weeks. That is a "FOREVER" time to a 4 year old. This morning, he had enough money to go buy it. We loaded everyone into the car and headed to go ol' Target.

Picture this: a 4 year old, who desperately needs to use the potty, scattered all the color changing hotwheels on the aisle floor trying to decide which HotWheel to get, while doing the potty dance. Entertainment at its best.

Naturally, he decided on the dinosaur one.

When he got home, he couldn't wait to play with it in the sink. It changed into all sorts of colors! It was pretty cool. So, in order for us to do some "school" for the day, we did an "INVESTIGATION". We made a chart. We divided it into three separate categories. We drew the car in each section and then labeled each section: NO WATER, COLD WATER, HOT WATER. Then he colored the car according to what it looked like when it got wet with the different temperature of water.

We have now entered into the Scientific Process...

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