Monday, March 1, 2010

?Can't We All Just Get Along?

So this week's playgroup was plagued by lessons of cooperation...err...getting along! Or lack thereof. Sickness has been going around, and now of course, the mommas are getting the bug. So after a few "its on", "its off", "its on, again", "its off again"...forget it..."its on!" we got the chillin's together.

Unfortunately, for both mommas, it was a rocky, hectic morning. Both Turbo and SweetPea were putting mom to the patience test. And we were failing. So we decided to do "calming" activities - DRAWING. Using an AquaDoodle, they drew imaginary dinosaurs, which by the way, Turbo is very interested in. When that got boring and they were finished with "sharing" the doodle pen...OI!...we went to the good ol' fashioned pencil and paper - no body painting this time around.

Turbo drew a diplodicus from a book on how to draw a dinosaur and then wrote the name. Not too bad! I think drawing books need to be on the next library order. He has been devouring this book and making hubby and I draw with him after dinner. It is really a fun family time together!

With it being nice outside, we bundled up and gathered colored water in our squirt bottles and set out on an adventure to see all the neat things we could color with colored water. Turbo thought a white car would be fun to try...BUT IT WASN'T MINE! AHHH! Good thing it came off easy! We even tried to see what color blue and green would make...I think they are still confused. We'll learn that another day.

Upon going inside, it was about that time for meltdown for both parties. SweetPea and Turbo had had enough of the cooperating and sharing. One was up when the other was down and vice versa. Time Outs were definitely the place to be this go around. Finally, both mommies decided to call it quits and were thankful that this was not the time where newcomers came. We might have scared them off for sure!


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  2. Yikes!!! That makes me tired, just reading it! Here's praying the next time is much calmer.