Friday, March 5, 2010

Play with Limits???

Have you ever noticed that when 2- 3 to 4 year olds get together, it is nothin' but a recipe for a disaster? Add in the fact that these particular 3 to 4 year olds delight in the mess making, and you've got yourself a whirlwind of an adventure!

This week's playgroup was INTENTIONAL! Do you hear me people? INTENTIONAL!!! That means, we didn't lock the kids in the bedroom, LOL! we actually supervised them! HEE HEE!

For starters, after they tore the bed apart, and then cleaned up the mess, with LOTS of TEARS, I might add, we did the Letter A Lap Books. What fun! They did so well!

Then, we told them to play with Lincoln Logs and build a town for 5 minutes; they can't play with anything else for 5 minutes. They did was hard...and their town was "in ruins" (literally), but they did it!

Next up, they played Chutes and Ladders. Boy, taking turns on the spinner proved to be quite the challenge! WHEW!

After that, they each had 4 pages to color. They had to sit and color each page! They couldn't get up until they were done. At first Turbo was not all about it! SweetPea took right to it! After peer pressure (gotta love that...okay not all the time)...he gave in and colored each picture...but only in one color! He wasn't going to give in on every level! (lil' booger)

Then they made homemade pizzas! I couldn't believe Turbo ate them! Totally a plus in my book! He's a Totino's man!

All the while, Tank laid on a blanket and cooed and played...ahhhhh me!

Play with Limits! It has it's moments...

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