Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Circle Time....Hmmmm

Yes, that is a silly question, since my circle time will consist of 2 people! But I think it should be part of the day! We can go over the days of the week, months, etc. But more importantly, a devotional...dare I say...memory verse? Maybe do some praise songs together. I don't know. Something I have been thinking of how to incorporate into our day. I read something about how to do circle time with preschool/toddlers...and yeah...well...good luck. But I think I can do it with Turbo! Maybe I can get Tank in on the action. Hey! At least we'll have an audience!


  1. Do a search for preschoolersandpeace and she has some great ideas for a "circle time" and yes - my kids memorize scripture so quickly as little ones - I would SO do that!! Here is the link: and what do you know - she is talking about "circle time" right now! We do our Bible reading during breakfast, then prayer time as we finish eating...keeps hands busy so minds can focus!

  2. LOL! I know! THat's why i started thinking about it. I read her blog from your blog! HEE HEE!

  3. So no circle time today. I think I will make that my goal next week to have circle time at least 2-3 times.