Monday, November 1, 2010

Chair Substitute

Last week, I was shown a great chair that will really help us out with meal times. However, I don't have $150 bucks to spare for a chair. So thanks to MY ever-loving PaPa (my dad's dad), who saved pretty much everything under the sun, and then thanks to my dad (who saved it as well), we brought home this chair.

This chair isn't adjustable, but it does have steps that acts as a footstool. Our table has a scroll design underneath, so it is a bit high, but we are sanding down our old wooden table in the garage and then refinishing it, so it will offer more leg/lap room when it is completed. As of now, he just has to sit back a bit from the table. I will probably invest in a cushion for him to sit on as it can offer him more support for his posture.

Overall, I think this chair will work for the time being and hopefully allow us to have a more enjoyable time at meal times.

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