Monday, November 29, 2010

OT: Day 27/30

After the long Thanksgiving break, we have our final 4 sessions left.

Today, Ms. Renee introduced MoveAbout Activity Cards. These are much like his Stick Kid cards, but they offer more things to do with a simple things as an exercise ball for example.

Here, he chose to do cannon ball kicks as one of his activities on his cards.

Then he ran and played this game, Hyper Jump. Unfortunately, this game wasn't in the greatest working condition, so that idea had to be scrapped!

Moving on using the same Activity Cards, he chose to do a commando crawl.

And then the backwards push up on the exercise ball.

They continued to play some other games too using these cards. They seem to be very useful.

Next, we used the bolster swing. This swing proved to be very challenging as he had to use all of his core muscles to stay on.

Then, using a tunnel, pillows and the Wedgits, we built patterned pyramids. This, along with strengthening, gave him the proprioceptive feedback that allowed him to self-regulate before our session was over.

Ms. Renee inquired about my intentions for next year for Kindergarten. When I told her that I wanted to Homeschool him, she suggested that I also look into Expeditionary Learning Schools. I am going to have to look into these schools more.

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