Monday, November 8, 2010

OT: Day 22/30

Today was a special day because Daddy was able to join us for OT. It began by choosing our plan for the day. Yes, I am becoming well aware that my life will inevitably by directed and mastered by plans. As you look around our home, everywhere you turn, there is a plan, chart or some sort of display meant for Turbo.

Moving on.

Turbo chose the helicopter swing, so Ms. Renee thought of a game to play. As he spun in circles, he was to listen to her call out commands, such as: Blue:Feet, Yellow:Hands. Check out the video.

It was time to work some more on his Vision Program. He has gotten a lot better with his slow tracking movement.

Afterwards, Turbo was able to show Daddy how Whack-A-Mole worked. This was a great opportunity for him to review the touch rules and then be able to communicate them to Daddy.

Then of course, we HAD to play the Jedi Knight training game. This time, however, Daddy got to play. It was great, because Daddy was in charge of one tower, while Turbo was in charge of two. As the lights went out, and the game begun, it was interesting to see how he handled the division of attention. He had to focus on his towers, while also dividing his attention to Daddy's tower. Then, he had to realize that he had the take turns in whacking the lights out. He did a good job, but later this weekend while playing a game, he really struck out learning how to take turns. Work in progress, work in progress....

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