Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nature and Science Museum

Taking a trip to the Museum of Nature and Science always proves to be interesting. While getting ready in the morning, Turbo asked what we were going to do for school. When I replied that school was going to be at the Museum, his eyes lit up brighter than if it were Christmas morning!

We explored the set exhibits and laughed at all the kid shenanigans that go with it, but when we got to the Expedition Health exhibit that is where it really started to get interesting.

You start out by getting a key card, much like a hotel room key. You sign in and make a profile. Turbo was very proud because he could type his name, age and bday by himself! Then you went to stations. Using your key card, you could track, your heart beat, your brain waves, your pulse, even your strides. The strides, I'm pretty sure, took most of our time.

There was also a climbing area for little guys like Tank!

They had a stimulation of a river and a log to cross. Tank just danced in the river.

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