Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TOT School

TOT School is now in session. Now that Tank is 1, I am ready to begin with Tot School. Tot School really isn't school as much as it is just focused time with him. There are SOOOOOO many ideas, activities, crafts, etc. out there, that choosing one thing is hard, but I am trying to make an effort in spending time with him just like I did with Turbo when he was younger.

Handwriting Without Tears has made such a huge difference in our home and in school. Granted, therapy has been taking a ton of time away from school, but that was expected. But now that we are getting down to the end, it is time that I begin thinking about the next semester and getting our act together.

During one of these times, Tank's napping schedule was kind of messed up, so we began some Tot School while I worked with Turbo on his letters. I gave him an empty plastic container and some crayons. Granted, I would have been more creative, but at the time, they were within arm's reach. Then I encouraged him to put them into the container. I dumped them out and he did it again. Besides having to tell him to not eat the crayons, he did good! Then I gave him buttons....WHOOOPSS!!!! wrong container. Here, ya go, baby....pompoms...yuck...he didn't like those....NICE JOB MAMA! ;)

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