Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OT: Day 24/30

Daddy was able to come with us again today, but the biggest break through in Turbo's therapy came when he had a meltdown.

He chose to play on the monkey bars and zip line today, and both Ms. Renee and he came up with an obstacle course to include the two.

She was saying that for Turbo to self-regulate or even organize himself, proprioception (pressure on joints) is best for him, because vestibular activities (such as running, spinning, jumping) are FIRE RED HOT activities. So hanging on the monkey bars and swinging his core was very organizing for him.

Everything was going great until, he was challenged to do the monkey bars without using the trapeze bar, which is a lot easier. When asked to compromise, he threw a fit, kicked at things and stomped off. In a way, it was good for Ms. Renee to see, although it was a mild meltdown/fit at that, but she also provoked it to see what he would do and how she could get through it.

In the end, it was decided to move on, not talk anymore about the monkey bars, and to encourage him to get into a quiet time. For this, she gave him the barrel tube, which would make things dark, turned off the lights, and gave him small toys to play with and his chewie. This worked out great. She moved on. Do ya hear that missy? (talking to myself)....move on.

After that, we moved on!

We played the Balloon Lagoon game again, which I found super cheap on and it is now a Christmas gift...sweetness...

Although this time, he was sandwiched in between pillows in the prone position. When he is organized and self-regulated, he listens better, plays games better and is overall more focused. By putting him in the prone position, this helps him tremendously.

I also was able to look at the Stress Level Charts and the Noise Level Meter. I will be making those TODAY!!!

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