Monday, November 8, 2010

OT: Day 23/30

Again, we were blessed by Daddy's presence at OT. However, getting there was the hardest part! We were stuck in traffic in gridlock for a bit and had to rush to get there!

When we got there, Ms. Renee had a great idea of using pretty much EVERY swing they had to make an obstacle course. This was to help strengthen his core muscles, which allow him to sit still when in the proper posture position. It also challenges him to make a plan when going through the course. By using the swings, each time he goes through the course, his plan has to change because the motion of the swings aren't the same every time. Again, his implusivity was evident as he just wanted to go, but struggled with staying on the swing without touching the ground. Once he realized that making a plan to go through the course was a better idea, he did a great job with only touching the ground once.

Love letters were sent between Daddy and I and Turbo was to deliver them! Using a rope suspended between the two of us, Turbo laid on his back on a scooter while "climbing" the rope back and forth. He carried our "letters" with his legs. This forced him to strengthen his core muscles, and also forced him to use his vision in a different way. He had to look upside down and backwards.

To help with the vestibular input, we did some proprioceptive input and jumped rope with him. But to work on his impulsivity, we asked him to get in rhythm with the rope before he began jumping.

At the end, we went into a new room that had a microphone. At first, I was dreading this because Turbo equipped with a microphone=disaster!

But Ms. Renee had a chart (HA!) and a meter reader specifically for voice control. One of our goals was to help him realize that there are certain times and places where loud voices are okay, and then other times when it is not. The meter reader was color codes much like his engine meter reader. Only this time, the clipart was different. She also had a chart much like the volcano one for his emotions, but this one read for how loud noises/voices were and what it does to someone's ears.

Using these charts, she had him play with different voice levels with the microphone that was hooked up to headphones. Hee, Hee...he had to listen to his own voice right in his ears when he about a taste of your own medicine! At first, he didn't notice, but when Ms. Renee spoke loudly into the microphone, he immediately took off his headphones and said, "No thank you, I don't want to play this anymore." After some prodding, it was because her voice was too loud...SUCCESS! He realized it! FINALLY!!

I didn't get a chance to snap a picture of the charts, but I'm sure I can next time.

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