Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Handwriting W/O Tears - 1st lesson

Since our morning plans were foiled to hang out with some friends and (for my sanity sake - mommas), during Tank's nap, Turbo and I did our first lesson in the Handwriting Without Tears program. I had been looking over it to see how we could implement it into our day. We listen to the cute songs in the car while we are driving, which incidentally, there seems to be A LOT of driving time lately. This song we have been focusing on because Turbo seems to struggle with remembering that letters begin at the top, instead of where he usually starts them, at the bottom.

While Tanks slept and it being a beautiful day outside, we laid on the grass in the crunchy leaves and began practicing our Pencil Pick-Ups. We tried different tricks to pick up the "pencil", which was a crayon, so that it sat correctly in his fingers. Then we finished the already drawn pictures in his workbook. By lying on his tummy, he was able to sit still longer to work. He also was able to strengthen his core.

Next, we moved on to the letter "F". I showed him how the wooden manipulatives could help him create the letters on the blue mat while using the happy face at the top - hence the song - start your letters at the top.

He made the letter "F" with the manipulatives, and then we moved on to the small chalk board. Here, he watches me write the letter first (WATCH). Then he uses a small sponge to clean it off (WET). Then uses a paper towel to dry it off (DRY). Finally, it is his turn to write it (TRY). This process allows him to have the repetitiveness that he needs to learn the letters rather than doing copy work all day long.

Then we moved on to the sidewalk. I drew pictures as he was to guess what letter started with the object, i.e. Ball, Cat, Pig, Kite, Dog, Truck, Ant, etc. I would write the word leaving out the first letter, then he was to fill it in. This lasted for quite some time, actually.

Then we snuck off and played in the crunchy leaves for a bit.

Afterwards, we cleaned up our stuff and went inside to work on the computer. Someone shared with me this website: http://www.abcya.com that has age-appropriate games for different levels, along with some fun holiday games too.

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