Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gorilla, Mr. Peanut and 2 Spidermen....Meet our family

For Halloween this year, the boys dressed as Spider Men. Not that hubby and I had any intentions of dressing up to go to the Fall Fest at a local church, but when he found our ould Gorilla suit (yes, we OWN a gorilla suit) while cleaning out the garage, we just couldn't resist. We have had (or rather my parent's) a Mr. Peanut costume (Planter's Peanuts?) for years and years, so it was time to break it out again.

Our friends, couldn't believe that we of all people would dress up. HEY! We USED to be fun like that before kiddos came along. It is about time that our inner Party Animals came out! (Don't worry, we put those animals to bed at 9 pm)

But what I wanted to say was that Turbo (and Tank too) did AWESOME in a place where they usually would have a meltdown. Tank was way past his bath and bedtime, but did great! When we finally stopped playing games, we sat down on the floor in the Fellowship hall to eat hotdogs and nacho, he grabbed that hotdog and chowed down! Not small bites for me, mama...I'm a big boy now!

But this is where the real joy in both mom and dad's hearts set in: While in the Fellowship Hall to eat, we both looked at each other wondering how this night was to end. It usually ends up in tears and frustration while we battle Turbo to stay seated and eat. But then something popped into my head: BLOCK EVERYTHING OUT! GET HIM DOWN TO A GREEN/BLUE LEVEL! But do whatever it takes!

I quickly scanned the room for something, anything that would block out any visual/auditory stimulation but was appropriate for the situation. AHH HAA! I found a little cubbie hole in the corner of the room that was a perfect hide-away spot for him to sit in and eat. It worked perfectly! He sat in the cubbie hole, while I "blocked" entrance to it with Tank and me and Dad stood behind me. He ate his entire hotdog, drank his lemonade and had his cookie for dessert without any problems! Not once did we have to remind him to sit and eat. Afterwards, we played one more game and left without any incident!

PRAISE JESUS! IT WORKED!!!!!!! Oh I am so excited! We have strategies and they work!!!!

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