Friday, October 15, 2010

OT: Day 13/30

This morning before therapy and during school, it was a nightmare. Thinking that things can get better at therapy, I prayed all the way to the Star Center. Turbo was so disorganized and antsy that when I tried to implement any strategies learned, I was met with opposition, anger and even a few fists being throw. Ahhh...back to square one. I suppose it is to be expected. These last couple of weeks have been tough on our whole family.

Once we got there, a good amount of time was spent on just trying to get Turbo's engine down to GREEN! She took him into the small gym and tried to get him self-regulated/organized. She had him jump on the small exercise trampoline, while chewing on and chewie toy, and wearing his headphones.

Afterwards, they played in the Rainbow on the wall. Lycra sheets tied onto the wall to create a tier of hammocks. They sang a song while he climbed the tiers and had to assemble and jack-o-lantern while crawling from end to end. Those two things didn't help him any.

To continue the process of trying to get his engine slowed, we pulled out Handwriting Without Tears
and worked on some writing. No, I have not ordered this yet. It is my "TO DO LIST" at number 76/out of 100. I'll get to it...I promise.

That didn't work either.

Ms. Renee didn't stop and didn't get frustrated...I think I need some of that patience. She pulled out a tube that can be extended and shortened, but Turbo decided to blow into it and yell/scream. Which was a good thing, because she turned it into a game. It helped a lot more than the other activities, but by that time, most of our time was up and he hadn't even looked at the book yet to decide what it was that they were going to do today.

Finally, we left the small gym and when into a craft room where they made a Star Chart. This Star Chart is covered in "I CAN" statements. Each time, Turbo does something that he says, "I CAN" in a particular situation, he gets a star bead to put on the ribbon. We started out that he realized that using a chewie toy is something that will totally work for him. So we wrote it out and put a bead on the ribbon.

Something she recommended was getting a small backpack that is filled with resources that he can use to help him self-regulate. Things such as a heavy ball, chewie toy, gum, TheraBand, slinky, etc. They sell one for $35 at the Star Center, but I bet I can come up with my own by shopping at the ARC or GoodWill. Put that on my list at number 101.

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