Thursday, October 14, 2010

Letter O

Therapy was later in the morning today, so we finally had some time to do some schoolwork. It has been forever since we did anything, so I figured, lets have some fun and maybe implement some therapy activities. Not to my surprise, did school go 1,000 times better than we have ever had before!

We started out by making the letter "O", both lower case and upper case. Then he stamped smiley faces on them, much like the letter "O", a smiley face has an "O" shape. Then I had him color the "O"s using a vibrating crayon holder. He liked it a lot. I did notice that when he used the marker to trace the lines, that he held it in his fist rather than in a pincher grasp. Evidence of hand fatigue when he writes.

Then we set up a relay race of shorts. I placed the cut out "O"s at one end of the room, and then had a bowl full of Cheerios on the other end of the room. He had to run back and forth between the two to glue on the Cheerios. It took some time, but completed the activity and without complaint!

Afterwards, we had some Cheerios in the bowl left over, so I decided to work on some math. We glued the remaining on the paper, practiced using our best GUESSTIMATE on how many were left, then we numbered them so he could practice writing his letters. As you can see, this is where I lost him.
He decided that he didn't want to write anymore, so I had to finish. I am pretty sure I messed up when I showed him how to correctly write the number 4 and then again the number 6. I should have just let him move on without saying a word. and learn.

Something to work on more on, writing from top to bottom. He is sequentially out of order when he writes as he constantly wants to write from bottom to top and every which way. Comes with time and practice.

We finished up snuggling on the couch reading some books. Not to much in the way of school, but we did fit some it! YEAH!

I also rescheduled our therapy sessions so that we can go later in the day. It works much better for Tank in that he gets a nap in the morning, and now Turbo and I get some school and quality time in together. Ahhh...much, much, much better!

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