Wednesday, October 20, 2010

OT: Day 16/30

Beginning with self-care, we applied chapstick for our Dinosaur Protection as we were going on a Dino-Safari. He used a strategy of dabbing his lips on his shirt after the chapstick was fully applied instead of wiping it off full. YEAH! PROGRESS!

We entered into the realm of the dinosaurs and climbed onto our Land Rover equipped with our stun guns! His Land Rover was a swing that he had to stradle which worked on his posture and balance. Crossing mid-line, we had to use a NERF gun to shoot suction darts at dinosarus that were drawn on the window. Unfortunately, the guns weren't working that well, but it was good to see how he would react. Usually, he would throw it, and get upset, calling it "STUPID", etc. But he didn't. He kept trying different methods to try to get it to work. It did a couple of times, but it didn't keep his attention long enough.

Off to the quiet room to work on his Vision Program. He did the same thing that he has done in the past, but this time, we turned off the lights. He relies so much visually on where his body is in space and time, that she wanted to see how he would react: He fell off the board. Good to know. Must mean that we need to work on the Vision Program more!

He then tackled his Jedi Knight training again. Although this time, she stepped him up to the third level because he desires a challenge. He did good, but I had to remind him that, "PRACTICE MAKES BETTER!" - because of his perfectionistic tendencies...insert mommy guilt here.

To do a GREEN/BLUE activity, we went into the small gym to talk about his VOLCANO. She equated it to his RED ALERT or his anger.

She had him draw a picture of what he may be feeling at each stage, he did this as his climbed the rainbow.

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