Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OT: Day 18/30

This morning, Ms. Renee took us into the table top room to work on some stuff at the table. She also wanted to show me a great chair for Turbo and to show how he sits while sitting on a wedge with a food rest. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ideas! Now to make them a reality in our home!

She also gave me an idea for a hand strengthening activity that pretty much won't cost me anything. A tennis ball.

She used a steak knife to cut open a mouth, drew a face and VOILA! a homemade stress relief ball! She had some beads with letters on them that we was to use kiddo chopsticks to pick them up and put them into the ball's mouth. He couldn't do both, so they took turns.

We got to go into the large gym to play the game of SIT, JUMP or KICK. Turbo got to hang on a trapeze (hand strengthenin) while I rolled a large ball while giving a command. He had to think while trying to hang one, strengthen his core and develop his balance and vision. He loved the game a lot! After that hard work, he did his astronaut practice (vision practice). He complained after a bit that he was tired and that his eyes hurt but that is great news as he is beginning to process things! Just to embed the thought of number touches, we played Whack-A-Mole again. Then she introduced us to a new game by Cranium! It is Balloon Lagoon! What a great game! It tests a lot of skills, but it is just a fun game for the family and another opportunity for Turbo to lay on his belly in the prone position to strengthen his core, plus a game to add to our Family Night Stash!

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