Monday, October 18, 2010

Look Who Has A New Chewie!

Last week, the Star Center ran out of chewies for people to buy. Turbo was very upset and desperately wanted one. The weekend was here, and he was stressed about not having a chewie since he had learned that using a chewie helps him to calm down. When he got home, and through some encouragement from a Nana, he found himself is own chewie until one could be purchased.

BUT TODAY, the new shipment of chewies came in and we were able to purchase one. We also purchased a lanyard for him to string his chewie on so that he can wear it around his neck. He has a tendency to put things down and forget where he put it, so the lanyard was more for my sanity than for him...HEE HEE.

I also bought Tank one, because I tell ya, these are probably the best teething toys money can buy! They are GREAT! Maybe then, Tank can begin sleeping through the night if we can just get those teeth to come in!

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