Thursday, October 7, 2010

WHACK!-A-Mole = Touch O'Meter?

So many things happen at therapy, that there just isn't enough room for my brain to process it all and be able to put it into words for me to look back on later. Sometimes, like this time, it comes to me MUCH later and I remember that I need to include it in our OT journey.

Remember that old carnival game where the participant would use a hammer to whack a button with a hammer that would send something up into the air to ring a bell? Well, Ms. Renee had a game much like this, but you had to hit a mole!

One of our goals for Turbo was for him to realize that there are different kinds of touches for different people and situations. By using this toy, she was able to ask Turbo what kind of force/touch was needed to reach the 1 (low on the scale) or to ring the bell (at the top). As he practiced this, she was able to equate it to certain people.

For example, a 1 or a 2 touch was a "TANK TOUCH". A 5 was a "MOMMY TOUCH". And...(sorry daddy), a 10 touch was a "DADDY TOUCH".

We've used this terminology some at home, but I really think we need to implement this more. I've also thought about making "TANK RULES". That was instead of telling him, "STOP SITTING ON YOUR BROTHER" (you laugh, but it is an hourly occurrence around here), I can say, "Uh-Oh! What are the "TANK" rules?! where is my paper...I must get those rules down before they both wake up from naps!

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