Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Letter W

With fall setting in and Halloween less than a week away, I decided to skip our schedule of letter learning all the way to "Ww". To keep Turbo's interest, we made a Witch and a added a spider!

For the witch, I used my artistic ability, to draw her profile and had Turbo cut her out. Then he glued her face and her hat onto another piece of paper. Once that was finished, he added eyes, along with a googlie eye, colored her lips red and added some warts to her nose and chin. For the tactile part, I asked him to make squiggles (ya like that...squiggles) of glue so that he could paste yarn for her hair. He wasn't too into that because that would mean getting his fingers sticky and messy. So, I had to help.

Here, I made dots to help him with writing. To connect the dots helps him to see how a "W" is correctly written.

For the spider web, I asked him to make the same squiggly lines for the web. Now, if I had thought ahead I would have looked for my glitter to find that it was all gone, so I would have planned something else. However, this was not the case for today. While Turbo is make glue squiggles I realize that I don't have glitter, and I have to improvise. With what? Might you ask?

That's right, ladies and gentleman, you can lick our spider web for a sweet treat! (but I don't recommend it. Neither does Turbo, or course, this recommendation came after he tried it.)

Then we added a spider with a bunch of googlie eyes, and labeled our art!

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