Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sensory Backpack

In order to incorporate Turbo's therapy everyday, we have put together a little backpack that he will carry with him everywhere. With all of the items in it, it also provides him some added weight to help weigh him down (a BLUE activity).

Raisins (chewing) - GREEN

Tube Blowing - GREEN

Weighted Lap Pillow - BLUE

Stick Kids Cards - Helps us choose an activity

Water Bottle - Sucking BLUE/GREEN


Phone Cord to fidgit with - BLUE/GREEN

TheraBand - BLUE/GREEN

KRTEK Cards - BLUE (yes, I realize it is upside down)

Paint Bag - GREEN/BLUE (tapes it onto window to practice writing in the car or on the table at a resturant

Paper Clip, hand strengthener/figiting - BLUE/GREEN


HA! Take that! I don't need to buy one of these for $40 bucks!

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